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Joe King is an undercover rogue agent studying how negative news effects the masses on a daily basis. Joe begins working for a news network whose motto is ‘fear sells’. While working for the news network, which operates within an evil realm of darkness by perpetuating hate, sickness and poverty daily, Joe and his team are ordered to create news with action packed events that sell.

Joe King stumbles upon a hidden realm where Health, Wealth and Love are perpetuated daily. This parallel universe is known as the Fun News Network. As Joe explores further, it seems like a dream as if it’s heaven on earth.  Joe finds ‘Joe King’s Comedy Club’, WYRU radio network, ‘Hissues’ podcast, ‘Humors and Rumors’ where celebrities are praised, ‘The Whit House’ where politicians also praise each other and work in harmony to genuinely help the masses. 


      (Wga #: 2002564)